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B&M Air Shifter Solenoids
Stay consistent with an air shifter.
These B&M air shifter solenoids will give you consistent shifting every run down the track. They are made of aluminum and include a standard hex nut. An RPM-activated style switch and mounting bracket are needed to complete installation.
$63.95 - $63.95
B&M Analog Fuel Pressure Gauge Sets
Check your fuel pressure.
Maintaining proper fuel pressure at wide-open throttle is critical to preventing lean conditions. These B&M fuel pressure gauges are also great tools for tuning your engine to produce maximum horsepower at all rpm ranges. They're made specifically for each application, for an easy installation.
$33.88 - $33.88
B&M Analog Transmission Temperature Gauge Sending Units
Don't lose your cool.
These B&M analog transmission temperature gauge sending units let you keep an eye on things so you don't lose your cool. These senders are designed to work with your 100 to 350 degree B&M transmission temperature gauges.
$17.39 - $17.39
B&M Analog Transmission Temperature Gauges
Don't lose your cool.
B&M's analog transmission temperature gauges let you keep an eye on things so you don't lose your cool. They read from 100 to 350 degrees. These extremely accurate and dependable gauges come with a light kit, color-coded dial face, anti-glare ABS enclosure, temperature sender, and all wires and term...
$49.95 - $49.95
B&M Automatic Transmission Deep Pans
Increase transmission fluid capacity and cooling ability.
These B&M automatic transmission deep pans provide additional fluid capacity and cooling ability. No modifications to the dipstick are needed and gasket are provided. They include a drain plug for clean and easy fluid changes, and are available in chrome or cast aluminum. Filter extensions are inclu...
$46.88 - $177.95
B&M Automatic Transmission Filter Extensions
Keep your filter in your oil.
These B&M automatic transmission filter extensions are designed to move the transmission filter into the oil in aftermarket B&M deep transmission pans. They are made of cast aluminum, and include longer mounting bolts to fit the valve body. The filter extensions fit B&M deep transmission pans.
$25.88 - $48.88
B&M Automatic Transmission Intermediate Sprags
High performance intermediate sprags for your transmission.
These B&M automatic transmission intermediate sprags are designed to eliminate sprag failure due to excessive torque input. They feature increased elements built into the unit, improving torque capacity by 100 percent over stock. Get rid of unwanted failures with one of these B&M automatic transmiss...
$76.95 - $76.95
B&M Automatic Transmission Shifter Cover Top Plates
Quality shifter components.
If you've somehow lost or damaged the shifter cover top plate for your B&M shifter, fear not. B&M carries a full line of replacement shifter cover top plates for all of their shifters.
$19.69 - $60.99
B&M Automatic Transmission Shifter Replacement Parts
Replacement parts for your B&M shifter.
These B&M automatic transmission shifter replacement parts will keep your shifter operating properly. They are designed as direct bolt-in replacements for your model of B&M shifter.
$10.88 - $31.39
B&M Automatic Transmission Standard Depth Pans
Quality transmission pans from B&M.
These standard-depth transmission pans from B&M are quality replacements for your TH-350 or TH400 pans. No modifications to the dipstick are needed, and these cast aluminum pans have a beautiful polished finish for great looks.
$96.95 - $99.95
B&M Backup Light Switch Kits
See behind you!
These B&M backup light switch kits adapt your aftermarket shifter to activate your backup lights when you're in reverse.
$17.95 - $17.95
B&M Blackout Gauges
Stealth-style gauges from B&M.
These B&M Blackout gauges feature a blacked-out lens and high-intensity LED backlighting for an awesome look when installed in your rod, or in B&M's Composite X Black Diamond shifter! When the ignition key is switched off, the gauges appear to be blacked-out domes inside an aluminum-anodized bezel. ...
$68.39 - $71.95
B&M Button Shifter Knobs
Control at your fingertips.
These B&M button shifter knobs give you quick, convenient control of your vehicle's accessories. They allow you to activate any line lock, roll control, or nitrous system at the touch of a button. They work with 12 or 16 V systems.
$49.95 - $84.95
B&M Command Flo Fuel Pressure Modifiers
Properly tune your air/fuel ratio.
These B&M Command Flo fuel pressure modifiers allow the fuel flow rate to be modified so you can tune your air/fuel ratio, and are ideal for use with free-flowing intakes and exhaust systems. They feature a bolt-on adjustable modifier for stock fuel regulators, a CNC-machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum...
$52.95 - $52.95
B&M Converter Lockup Controls
Control your lockup converter.
These B&M converter lockup controls provide dash-mounted control to govern converter lockup at any speed between 30 and 90 mph. An LED display tells whether the converter is locked or unlocked. These kits eliminate converter lock and unlock cycling and premature unwanted converter lockup, avoiding e...
$175.95 - $175.95
B&M Crew Caps
Be one of the B&M Crew!
If you like B&M's racing performance products, you're sure to like their caps. These Crew Caps are made of sturdy, soft cotton to keep your head dry and comfortable, and their black color and B&M logo will go with anything.
$14.95 - $14.95
B&M Drain Plug Kits
Drain your transmission fluid without the mess.
This B&M drain plug kits are perfect for people who want to change their transmission fluid without making a mess. Simply remove the pan once, drill a hole, bolt on a drain plug kit, and eliminate messy oil splash forever. These kits are non-magnetic.
$7.95 - $7.95
B&M Factory Team Jackets
Jackets just like the pros wear.
Shift into high gear with a B&M factory team jacket. The jackets feature a blue cotton/poplin shell with a nylon lining, elastic cuffs and waistband, and a front zipper with snap closures. B&M logos on the left chest and back.
$43.50 - $99.95
B&M Flexplates
Tough enough to handle severe applications.
B&M flexplates are ideal for 6,000+ rpm usage. They have precision-stamped centers and a rust-resistant, gold iridited finish. Some units are SFI-approved and NHRA/IHRA-legal for all classes.
$71.95 - $159.95
B&M Four O Trans-Brakes
The latest in technology for Pro Tree competition.
These Four "O" trans-brakes from B&M are the best for IHRA/NHRA Super Class racing. They provide the ultimate in consistency for ET bracket racing. Made for Powerglides from stress-relieved 319 aluminum castings, these trans-brakes save an incredible amount of weight (7 lbs.). They also have an adju...
$399.95 - $399.95
B&M Gate Plates
Convert your standard-pattern shifter.
These B&M gate plates are a bolt-on option to convert your standard-pattern shifter. They will allow the use of reverse-style transmission valve bodies or changing from a 3-speed to a 4-speed.
$16.88 - $42.95
B&M Gear Bags
Gear bags from B&M.
Perfect for the enthusiast on the go. These black and blue, heavy-duty duffle bags feature four external, zippered pockets, a padded shoulder strap and carry handle, and embroidered B&M and 50th anniversary logos.
$56.95 - $56.95
B&M GM 4L60E Transmission Packages
The complete package.
These B&M GM 4L60E transmission packages are ideal for small block equipped street rods and street machines. The transmission features high-performance friction materials, all-new gaskets, and the same high-performance components found in other B&M transmissions. The packages include a 4L60E transmi...
$3,139.95 - $3,599.95
B&M GM TH-700R4 High Performance Servos
Performance parts by B&M.
These B&M GM TH-700R4 high performance servos are designed to provide increased hydraulic apply area to improve the capacity of the 2-4 servo. With an increased apply area, the transmission will shift firmer into second and fourth gear, and you will also eliminate the 2-3 shift flare that plagues ol...
$26.88 - $26.88
B&M Governor Recalibration Kits
Change your shift points.
These governor recalibration kits from B&M will allow you to adjust the shift points of your transmission after it is installed in your vehicle. These kits are very useful for transmission swaps, or if you have a car that is very light or has a low rear gear ratio. They also work great for bracket c...
$35.95 - $35.95
B&M Hammer Head T-Handle Shift Knobs
Great looking handles.
These Hammer Head T-handles from B&M make shifting a stylish and comfortable activity. They are designed to fit most B&M shifters and many aftermarket and OEM (with SAE shifter thread) shifter sticks. These shift knobs feature an ergonomic design and a chrome plated aluminum finish that won't tarnis...
$32.95 - $35.95
B&M Hammer Shifter C-4 Conversion Kits
Swap in that C-4 the easy way.
These B&M Hammer shifter C-4 conversion kits are designed for installing C-4 transmissions into late model Mustang applications. They include a new cable, a transmission shifting arm, and a shifter cable mounting bracket.
$64.95 - $64.95
B&M Hammer Shifters
The comfortable way to bang through the gears.
Designed to provide the most comfortable hand position and efficient shifting pattern, these B&M Hammer automatic shifters are the most advanced shifters ever. Their unique multi-position trigger is built for user comfort in any shifter position. The Hammer shifters work with forward and reverse pat...
$229.95 - $235.95
B&M Hard Core Street Bandit Shifters
B&M performance!
All you have to do is look. The new Hard Core Street Bandits are one sweet piece of shifter technology. They've got the look and feel of B&M's Pro Bandit race shifters. If you want to give your vehicle that race "vibe," but want to retain all the drivability of a street shifter, these are the shifte...
$295.95 - $295.95
B&M Hi-Tek Street Bandit Shifters
A shifter designed for winning.
The Hi-Tek Street Bandits are the ultimate shifters for automatic transmission equipped street vehicles. Whether you're building a high tech Pro Street car or a street rod, the Hi-Tek Street Bandits are the professional's choice. Their polished billet aluminum housing and narrow styling are ideal fo...
$295.95 - $295.95
B&M Hi-Tek SuperCoolers with Fans
Solid cooling power from B&M.
Keeping fluid temperatures down is a really great way to minimize wear and tear, and to prolong the life of expensive powertrain components. One of the best ways to give your engine and transmission that protection is with B&M's fan-equipped Hi-Tek SuperCoolers. These efficient coolers are built wit...
$199.95 - $219.95
B&M Holeshot Torque Converters
Get a stronger launch.
A higher-than-stock stall speed as delivered by these B&M Holeshot converters will provide several advantages and benefits to vehicles with modified engines. Many modifications, particularly big cams, tend to reduce low-end power and torque. These high-stall converters allow the engine to launch the...
$191.95 - $625.95
B&M Hydro Stick Tees
Cool shirts celebrate an industry first.
Back in the '50s, B&M produced the only patented 4-speed automatic racing transmission in the industry's history, known as the famous B&M Hydro Stick. Now, this piece of history is commemorated on a comfy cotton T-shirt. These white T-shirts feature the famous Hydro Stick logo on the front and back.
$15.99 - $21.95
B&M Indicator Cables
Quality replacement cables for your indicator.
These indicator cables from B&M are direct replacements for the cable that came with your B&M shifter. These little cables will get your shifter indicator working just like new again.
$23.39 - $24.69
B&M Jackets
Dress in style with B&M.
B&M's jackets will keep you warm when it's cold outside. Make sure that you're dressed in style when it counts.
$266.99 - $266.99
B&M Launch Controls
Stay planted until you're ready to go.
B&M launch controls are the choice for performance and dependability, and can be used to control either your front or rear brakes. They're intended primarily as brake-locking devices for drag racing, but they also can be used on the street as hill-holders. They're available either as complete kits o...
$49.95 - $75.95
B&M Leather Shift Knobs
Style, feel, and performance.
These leather shift knobs from B&M combine the luxurious look and feel of leather with genuine B&M performance. They incorporate the latest European styling with an ergonomic design, and fit most cars with a floor-mounted, manual shifter.
$26.95 - $26.95
B&M Magnum Grip Pro Bandit Shifters
A shifter designed for winning.
This is it--the ultimate combination of design, function, and sheer performance. The Magnum Grip Pro Bandit shifters feature an easy-to-operate, gate-type mechanism. CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, Magnum Grip Pro Bandit shifters are then polished and clear anodized for corrosion resistance and ...
$249.95 - $329.95
B&M Magnum Grip Pro Stick Shifters
The ultimate shifter for Powerglide applications.
Magnum Grip Pro Stick shifters include all of the standard Pro Stick features, plus the new Magnum grip handle, CNC-machined from billet aluminum. Compact, strong, and functional--what more could you ask for in a shifter for a drag race car?
$239.95 - $239.95
B&M Magnum Grip Stealth Pro Bandit Shifters
A shifter designed for winning.
This is it--the ultimate combination of design, function, and sheer performance. The Magnum Grip Stealth Pro Bandit shifters feature an easy-to-operate, gate-type mechanism. CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, Magnum Grip Pro Bandit shifters are then black anodized for corrosion resistance and great...
$319.95 - $429.95
B&M Magnum Grip Street Bandit Shifters
Takes the Street Bandit to new levels of style and function.
The Magnum Grip Street Bandit shifters include all of the standard Street Bandit features, along with the new Magnum Grip handle, CNC-machined from billet aluminum. Clean, smooth, and functional, they have just the right look for your street machine!
$319.95 - $319.95
B&M Master Racing Overhaul Kits
Overhaul your transmission with some performance.
These Master Racing overhaul kits are supplied with all of the gaskets, seals, bushings, and friction material required for a complete high performance or racing transmission overhaul. The friction material and steel provided in the kits are B&M's high performance components. They do not include val...
$149.95 - $161.95
B&M Megashifters
That competition 4-speed look for your automatic.
The cable-operated B&M Megashifters have reliable ratchet action and a competition 4-speed look that complements any vehicle. With a reverse lockout and neutral safety switch, the Megashifters meet NHRA and IHRA requirements. They include a lighted gear indicator, a polished aluminum T-handle, cable...
$191.95 - $205.95
B&M Neutral/Reverse Safety Switches
Prevent your car from starting in gear.
These B&M neutral/reverse safety switches are the perfect safety devices for your car. They will only allow your car to start when it is in park or neutral, not while it is in gear. If it starts in gear, you can imagine the damage that could be done. They can also be used to turn on your backup ligh...
$10.95 - $26.69
B&M Nitrous Holeshot Torque Converters
Serious converters for nitrous applications.
Nitrous engines produce some serious horsepower and require a serious torque converter to handle it. These nitrous Holeshot converters are built with the same features as the other B&M Holeshots, with the addition of anti-balloon plates that allow these converters to stand up to the instant horsepow...
$319.95 - $537.69
B&M Performance Shifter Cables
The right cable for your B&M shifter.
These performance shifter cables are supplied with most B&M shifters (except for race shifters). They're properly clearanced to reduce backlash, and are available in several lengths to suit your application.
$36.95 - $41.95
B&M Plastic Skirts
Styling that is ideal for all interiors.
These replacement covers for B&M shifters are what you need to replace your damaged shifter skirt. Made of the same high-quality black plastic, they can be trimmed to custom-fit any floor.
$26.69 - $59.69
B&M Powerglide Front Pumps
Front pumps for your Powerglide.
The B&M Powerglide front pump is designed to be a replacement in all aluminum case Powerglides including the Dedenbear Case, maintaining 200-240 psi Fully remanufactured, these pumps have been modified and come with the roller bearing, Teflon scarf cut rings, a new heat treated alloy steel stator su...
$414.69 - $414.69
B&M Powerswitches for Clutch Converters
B&M Powerswitch, from lockup to standard with a switch.
Operate your vehicle as a standard-type torque converter when it is more desirable than the lockup type. These B&M Powerswitch kits only lock out the converter in first through third gears. The TH-700R4 and the TH-2004R will not function properly with the lockup converter locked out in fourth gear. ...
$49.88 - $49.88
B&M Precision Sport Shifters
Quicker, smoother shifts.
These B&M Precision Sport shifters incorporate the latest technology from B&M in shifter development. They are CAD-designed using 3D printer prototypes to allow different designs and materials, depending on your vehicle application. The shifters feature a fully isolated stick with a spherical pivot ...
$51.95 - $408.69
B&M Pro Bandit Shifters
Race winning shifter design from B&M.
B&M Pro Bandit shifters are the ultimate combination of design, function and sheer performance. Pro Bandit shifters feature narrow body construction with an easy-to-operate, gate-type mechanism for consistent shifts, round after round. CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, Pro Bandit shifters are then...
$259.95 - $315.95
B&M Pro Ratchet Shifters
No-nonsense gear shifting.
These B&M Pro Ratchet automatic shifters have the style and quality for professional racing, along with easy ratchet action. The Pro Ratchets have an NHRA/IHRA-approved reverse lockout that can be operated with one hand, a neutral safety switch, and a backup light switch. They work with both forward...
$199.95 - $199.95
B&M Pro Ripper Shifters
The ultimate manual shifter.
These B&M Pro Ripper shifters feature shorter stick travel, which allows for quicker shifting. Adjustability of the stick allows you to fit the shifter to your driving style. The knob can also be positioned in a forward or rearward location for your comfort. The CNC-machined aluminum base provides a...
$191.95 - $209.95
B&M Pro Stick Shifter Covers
Dress-up your Pro Stick shifter.
Looking to replace or finally add a shifter cover to your Pro Stick shifter? B&M has you covered with their brushed aluminum shifter covers. Not only are they lightweight, but they'll make your ride look better, too.
$53.95 - $53.95
B&M Pro Stick Shifters
The competition shifter that fits almost any transmission.
These B&M Pro Stick automatic shifters have every feature you need in a competition shifter: Compact size, spring-loaded gate action for consistent shifts, one-hand reverse lockout, and a feature the competitors don't have--they can fit more than one transmission. With B&M's optional gate plates, th...
$179.95 - $219.95
B&M Quick 60 Racing Torque Converters
Top-quality race converters.
These Quick 60 racing torque converters from B&M offer great quality and consistency at a price that won't break the bank. Their impeller incorporates a 4130 chromemoly alloy CNC-machined thrust plate and is fully furnace-brazed, with extra TIG tacking at critical points on vanes for extra reinforce...
$579.95 - $1,139.99
B&M Quick Disconnects and Cable Extensions
An easy way to disconnect your shifter
These B&M quick disconnects and cable extension kits are just what you need for fast transmission service. They can extend your existing shift cable by up to an inch, and feature a ball-type, Morse-style connector that can be disconnected in a hurry, without losing cable adjustment. They simply scre...
$31.95 - $31.95
B&M QuickSilver Shifters
Ratchet action and good looks.
The B&M QuickSilver automatic shifters have cable-operated ratchet action for dependability, and a chrome plated stick and cover for good looks. These QuickSilver shifters include an NHRA/IHRA-approved reverse lockout, a neutral safety switch, a backup light switch, a lighted gear indicator, and the...
$185.95 - $185.95
B&M Race GM TH-400 Transmissions
A high performance transmission for the track.
These B&M Race GM TH-400 transmissions are just what you need to get your horsepower to the ground. ...
$2,159.95 - $2,159.95
B&M Remote Mushroom Cap Button and Cord Assemblies
A switch with feel.
These B&M remote mushroom cap button and cord assemblies are ideal for racers who wear heavy gloves and cannot feel the light microswitch, or those who race with multi-hit delay boxes. They contain a lightweight spiral cord and self-cleaning terminals, and have a bounce-free operation. They are also...
$46.88 - $46.88
B&M Remote Transmission Filters
More protection than stock.
B&M's remote transmission filters are two to five times more effective than stock filters in removing shavings and other contaminants. You get a permanent remote adapter, a spin-on filter, and installation hardware.
$29.95 - $29.95
B&M Replacement Automatic Shifter Covers
Replacement parts for your B&M automatic shifter.
These replacement shifter covers from B&M are designed to fit your automatic shifter. They are made of black plastic with a grained finish and are easy to install. These covers are the right way to protect your shifter and keep it working great.
$23.69 - $23.95
B&M Replacement Automatic Shifter Sticks
Replace your old or damaged shifter stick.
B&M makes a complete line of replacement automatic shifter sticks for your B&M shifter. The knobs are available in steel or aluminum with a chrome plated, natural aluminum, or black painted finish, depending on the shifter model number.
$23.99 - $49.88
B&M Replacement QuickSilver Shifter Boots
Replacement shifter boots for your QuickSilver shifter.
If you find that you need to replace your shifter boots, make sure that you have the right parts for the job. These B&M QuickSilver shifter boots are designed to be direct replacements to ensure a perfect.
$10.95 - $10.95
B&M Replacement Shifter Boots
Replacement boot for your B&M shifter.
B&M replacement shifter boots are made from quality black rubber to endure the test of time. They are direct replacement parts for your B&M shifters.
$22.69 - $31.39
B&M Replacement Shifter Indicator Pointers
Replacement parts for your B&M shifter.
B&M offers these pointers as direct replacements for your shifter's indicator pointer.
$14.39 - $14.39
B&M Replacement Shifter Knobs
Replace your old or damaged shift knob.
B&M makes a complete line of replacement shift knobs for your B&M shifter. These knobs are available in plastic and aluminum versions to freshen up your shifter's look, or to replace a damaged shift knob.
$43.95 - $43.95
B&M Shift Improver Kits
Improve shifting in a snap.
These B&M Shift Improver kits are the easiest way to get the stout performance you've always wanted out of your automatic transmission. All you need are some hand tools and an afternoon, and you can turn your transmission into a B&M-tuned unit. Each kit has two stages to fit your needs: RV/Towing an...
$32.95 - $71.95
B&M Shift Indicator Windows
See what gear you are in.
These B&M shift window indicators are made in standard and reverse patterns. They are designed to fit B&M automatic transmission shifters. The indicators feature a clear, easy-to-read design that will clearly show what gear your transmission is in, once installed into the shifter housing.
$15.69 - $15.99
B&M Shifter Cables
Smooth shifting with B&M cables.
B&M offers many different types of shifter cables for almost any type of street or racing performance vehicle. Unimatic and Performance shifter cables are clearanced to reduce backlash, pre-lubed for smooth operation, and have a .250 in. O.D. jacket and 600 lbs. of pull strength. Super Duty race cab...
$56.95 - $56.95
B&M Shifter Knobs and Handles
Accessories for style and performance.
B&M makes all sorts of shifter knobs and handles with features like line locks, trans-brakes, and nitrous controls. Choose from plastic, aluminum, or leather in comfortable modern styles.
$22.95 - $22.95
B&M ShiftPlus Electronic Shift Improver Kits
Upgrade the performance of your electronic automatic transmission in minutes.
B&M's ShiftPlus electronic shift improvers use vacuums or electronics to improve the characteristics of your transmission, and let you change settings as you drive. Great for performance, towing, and RV use, these shift improvers recalibrate your transmission in one of two ways: Vacuum-style transmi...
$41.95 - $41.95
B&M Sport Shifters
Great looks and great performance.
These B&M automatic Sport shifters offer good looks and performance.

Features include:

* Black T-handle
* Chrome steel stick and plate
* Rubber boot
* Black plastic console; can be trimmed to custom-fit any floor
* Neutral safety switch
* Backup light switch
* Lighted gear indicator
$159.95 - $159.95
B&M Standard Remote Buttons with Spiral Cords
Perfect for bracket racing.
These universal remote button and spiral cords from B&M are great all-around units and are ideal for bracket racing. They are designed for use with trans-brake, launch control, and nitrous systems. The switch contains self-cleaning terminals and a 1 lb. spring for a light "snap" feel. They are rated...
$46.88 - $46.88
B&M StarShifters
A detent and a ratchet shifter all in one.
B&M automatic StarShifters normally work like standard detent shifters, but by simply pulling the lockout trigger and moving the stick to low, they become full ratchet action shifters for quick gear changes. With a cable-operated mechanism, a universal floor-mount console, NHRA/IHRA-approved reverse...
$159.95 - $191.95
B&M Stealth Pro Bandit Shifters
Race winning shifter design from B&M.
B&M Stealth Pro Bandit shifters are the ultimate combination of design, function and sheer performance. Stealth Pro Bandit shifters feature narrow body construction with an easy-to-operate, gate-type mechanism for consistent shifts, round after round. CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, Stealth Pro ...
$279.95 - $399.95
B&M Street and Strip Transmissions
Transmissions built for high performance or mild strip use.
These B&M remanufactured Street and Strip transmissions are put together with new gaskets, bushings, seals, thrust washers, high-performance friction materials, and gold zinc plated hardware. The front pump is rebuilt to B&M specs, and the valve body is recalibrated. They're built for extreme condit...
$959.95 - $1,765.95
B&M Street Rod Shifters
Designed specifically for your Street Rod!
The B&M Street Rod shifters feature an easy-to-operate gate-style mechanism, designed into a compact shifter. Whether you have a coupe, Highboy, roadster, or sedan, the mechanism attaches directly to the transmission. Most shifter boots will easily slip over the stick, to provide the finishing touch...
$171.95 - $199.95
B&M Street Transmissions
Transmissions built for street use.
B&M Street transmissions are suitable for use behind engines producing up to 450 ft.-lbs. of torque, which covers most small blocks and mid big blocks. A low first gear ratio and overdrive fourth make these very desirable units. These remanufactured transmissions are put together with new gaskets, b...
$1,709.95 - $1,709.95
B&M Super Duty Race Shifter Cables
Super strength with less backlash.
These hardcore Super Duty race shifter cables from B&M have less than .015 in. per foot of backlash--up to 50 percent less backlash than competitive cables! They feature rotary swaged ends and are prelubed for smooth operation. These cables are supplied with the Pro Ratchet, Pro Stick, and Pro Bandi...
$46.95 - $52.95
B&M SuperCooler Oil Coolers
Helping your transmission and engine keep their cool.
The last thing you need in the middle of a race or a road trip is to have a transmission or engine go south because your oil cooler can't keep up. B&M's SuperCooler oil coolers will keep your transmission or engine cool and running in your time of need. They're made of lightweight aluminum, with an ...
$49.95 - $121.95
B&M Task Master Diesel Torque Converters
Task Master torque converters by B&M.
These B&M Task Master diesel converters are ideal for stock to modified diesel engines. They feature multiple disk lockup clutches, one-way clutch components, furnace brazed turbine and impeller and new turbine hub. These converters are intended to maximize the efficiency of the vehicle's engine and...
$1,207.95 - $1,580.39
B&M TH200/TH700R4 to TH350 Changeover Kits
Put a TH350 in your 1982-92 Camaro or Firebird.
These B&M TH200/TH700R4 to TH350 changeover bracket kits from allow you to swap a TH350 into your TH2004R or TH700R4-equipped Camaro or Firebird. The kits contain a transmission mount, a torque arm mount, and hardware. A stock 1982 TH200 driveshaft or equivalent with other GM parts is required.
$99.95 - $99.95
B&M TH400 Kickdown Switches
The easy way to control your TH400.
These B&M kickdown switch kits are perfect for use when swapping out a TH350 or TH700R4 for a TH400. These kits mount to the factory throttle cable bracket for easy kickdown control.
$45.95 - $45.95
B&M TH700R4 Kickdown Kits
Downshift from fourth to third with ease.
These B&M TH700R4 kickdown kits prevent a forced part throttle kickdown from fourth to third gear, to allow cruising at high speeds in overdrive. With the kits installed, the transmission will only kick down from fourth to third at 3/4 throttle.
$34.88 - $34.88
B&M Throttle Cable Adapters
Quality adapters from B&M.
These throttle cable adapters from B&M are used to adapt a Holley or Edelbrock carburetor to your GM's throttle valve cable for better cable travel.
$32.95 - $41.95
B&M Tork Master Torque Converters
Affordable performance.
These Tork Master converters are B&M's most affordable performance torque converters. They feature precision pump drive tubes and are pressure tested, fully balanced, and ready to install. The Tork Masters are excellent all-around performance street converters. They are not recommended for big block...
$119.95 - $399.95
B&M Trans Shields
Protect yourself from tranny failure.
Approved to SFI 4.1 specifications, B&M Trans Shields are manufactured from lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and include all necessary hardware. These units are easy to remove and install, and the lower belly strap allows the installation of a shifter cable bracket (two holes have been added to th...
$127.95 - $159.95
B&M Transkits
A B&M transmission in a box
These B&M Transkits give you the same high-quality components that are used in all B&M Street and Strip transmissions. They include high performance friction materials, a complete overhaul gasket set, a drain plug kit, and all of the parts necessary to convert your valve body into a full manual/auto...
$199.88 - $232.95
B&M Transmission Brackets and Levers
Everything you need to install your B&M shifter.
B&M offers a full line of shift levers, cable brackets, and assorted linkage components for installing your B&M shifter, or for use as replacements for lost or damaged parts. B&M offers parts made to fit a wide variety of applications, so you're sure to find what you need.
$11.88 - $51.95
B&M Transmission Cooler Mounting Kits
Put your transmission cooler in its place.
These B&M transmission cooler mounting kits are designed to mount a transmission cooler directly onto the radiator. They include four nylon mounting rods, four nylon slip-on locking nuts, and four sponge rubber pads.
$10.95 - $10.95
B&M Transmission Filters
High-flow filter for your transmission.
These transmission filters are another high performance product from B&M. They control the amount of dirt flowing through your transmission to help your transmission last longer, and that's always a good thing.
$15.88 - $15.88
B&M Transmission Fluid Dipsticks
A great looking way to check your ATF.
You have to have a way to check the fluid level in your automatic transmission, so why not do it in style with one of B&M's transmission fluid dipsticks? The cap screws into the tube and is O-ring sealed, while the base of the tube has a sealing grommet where it goes into the transmission, the same ...
$76.95 - $76.95
B&M Transmission Temperature Gauges
Don't lose your cool.
Most transmission and converter failures can be directly traced to excessive heat. These extremely accurate and dependable B&M transmission temperature gauges are easy to install. They read from 100 to 250 degrees and come with a light kit, white dial faces, and an anti-glare enclosure.
$59.99 - $59.99
B&M Transpak Kits
More options from your tranny.
B&M Transpak kits create new shifting characteristics by re-routing fluids through your transmission's valve body. Each kit includes two options: RV/Heavy Duty and Hi-Performance Street. RV/Heavy Duty is for towing, off-roading, or other heavy-duty use. You get firmer shifts and full manual control ...
$67.95 - $76.95
B&M Traveler Torque Converters
Improve pulling power at low speeds.
These Traveler converters from B&M are designed for use in motor homes, tow vehicles, or other heavy-duty applications where a slightly higher stall speed is helpful in getting the vehicle moving. Stronger than a stock converter, these Travelers have been internally modified to provide about 300 rpm...
$232.95 - $469.88
B&M Traveler Transmissions
Transmissions for light trucks and RV/towing applications.
B&M Traveler transmissions are rugged models that have medium/firm shifts, compared to the hard shifts of the Street and Strip models. These transmissions feature increased oil flow, which provides for cooler operation under heavy-duty use. They are ideal for light trucks and RV/towing applications.
$1,129.95 - $1,869.95
B&M Trick Shift Transmission Fluid
Pour in some performance.
B&M Trick Shift fluid is the easiest way to firm up your transmission's shift performance. Not an additive, this safe and effective blend of extreme pressure agents and foam inhibitors will produce a noticeable shift improvement when you completely replace your existing fluid. It meets and exceeds T...
$4.75 - $8.25
B&M Truck Megashifters
Performance from a name you can trust.
These shifters feature the classic Megashifter design, in a configuration that will fit your light truck! All of the things that you expect in a B&M shifter are right here and ready to install in your truck. The Truck Megashifters include a taller base and an adjustable floor mount bracket for prope...
$199.95 - $199.95
B&M TV/Kickdown Cables
The right part for the right job.
These universal-fit, adjustable TV/kickdown cables from B&M will work in 95 percent of all transmission applications, yet are less expensive than OE models. Use them as straight replacement cables, or to ease the installation of transmission swaps.


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